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Organic Lemon Trees

If you plan to grow your lemon tree in a 50x50x50cm pot, use a whole bag of our volcanic rock dust with a mixture of compost and potting soil. Place stones on the bottom of your pot for good drainage. If planting in the ground, dig a hole at least 50 cm wide and 50cm...

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Care for your Organic Lemon Trees

Lemon trees need a high nitrogen fertiliser added through the winter to spring. You will find this at hardware stores and most nurseries. Pests - Pests like mealy bugs, spider mites, aphids and scales occasionally attack lemon trees. Use a solution of 1teaspoon of...

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Fruit trees fruiting

Planted these fruit trees last year in September 2018. Naartjie, Cherry Guava, Guava Tree, Granadilla are all fruiting currently. Don't delay, plant your fruit trees as soon as possible to be able to pick your own fruit sooner rather than later. There is nothing nicer...

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Organic Berry Plants

Order ready to go out! Have your berry plants delivered anywhere in the country. No minimum quantities only R100 courier fee. Check out what's in stock right now All Plants Price list

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Custard Apples

Custard Apple trees produce a large number of custard apples. The fruits ripen in late winter and early spring when most other summer fruits are not available. Avoid planting in soils that previously grew ginger, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes. Plant in full...

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Tayberry fruiting

Tayberries start flowering in late summer and can tolerate frost but they do not do well in heavy frost areas. They grow very well in a pot of about 40-50cm wide and deep, but will require a trellis for the vines to grow up. It is a quick grower and prolific fruiter....

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