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Blueberry Varieties in Autumn

Blueberries are really easy fruits to grow, they are mostly not affected by insects and disease and therefore little or no spraying is required. We use organic pesticides only if required, and have found the most useful for many problems is a Neem oil solution....

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Growing Guavadilla Vines

Plant in full sun if possible for flower and fruit production. Soil -               Guavadilla plants have deep roots, so plant in deep and fertile soil with a pH of between 6 - 6.5. Using a good organic...

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About Sea Buckthorn

How to plant and care for Sea Buckthorn Sea Buckthorn is not well known in South Africa, but due to its many medicinal properties and nutrients, especially the very scarce Omega 7, there is a large growing demand. Position - Full sun, they will not fruit in the shade....

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The Beurre Bosc pear is the very popular brown pear, with a deliciously sweet and juicy flesh. They are not self pollinating and require another variety in order to fruit. Position – The Beurre Bosc tree enjoys full sun or minimal shade, with shelter from the wind....

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Growing Thornless Red Raspberry plants

Position -                                             Full sun, sheltered - tolerates partial shade. Raspberries can be planted any time providing the soil is not waterlogged and can withstand cold temperatures of -10 degrees. Size -    ...

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How to grow Mandarin Orange Trees

Mandarin oranges have high levels of the vitamins C and A, and also contain dietary fibre, manganese and potassium. Position – The mandarin orange tree thrives in hot, humid conditions and full sun. The fruits have a thin skin and are susceptible to the cold and...

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