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The health benefits of berries outweigh the fact that they are fantastic little bursts of flavour.  In fact, they’re packed with a healthful punch, thanks to the vitamins and trace elements found so abundantly in them. And that’s great news because they are...

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Growing berries in South Africa has, for decades, taken a backseat to the other fresh fruit that we produce and export. But, as we become more familiar with berry trees and the incredible health benefits of these little treasures, growing berry trees is becoming more...

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Peach Tree varieties

We have quite a variety of peach trees to choose from. Yellowcling, White Dessert and Freestone. They fruit at different times so you could have fruit from Spring to the the end of January Peach trees and in fact all fruit trees require good drainage. If the roots...

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Mango Tree Blossoms

Mango Trees can grow up to 35 m tall and can produce fruit for hundreds of year with the correct conditions and feeding. They can be grown in colder areas although traditionally they were only grown in Tropical and sub-tropical climates. Cover with a frost cover from...

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Almond Trees

Spring has sprung and our young Almond Trees are sprouting new leaves and blossoming. There are many Almond varieties, the most common being Non-Pariel. Both male and female blossoms require bee pollination. They are drought resistant. Should your area be subjected to...

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Peach Trees Blossoming

Peach trees are blossoming. We have a range of yellow cling and Freestone peaches. Freestone means that the pip is easily removed.  The Early Grande Peach and De Wet Peach are a large yellow skinned variety with a red blush.  Early Grande are blossoming...

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