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Organic Berry Plants

Now you can grow your own berry plants in South Africa

The health benefits of berries are well documented. And, the more research is being done, the better the results. All berries are full of antioxidants, minerals, many vitamins, fibre, and so much more. 

Organic Fruit Trees

Create Your Own Healthy Garden

We supply organically grown fruit trees wholesale to the public. We only stock products from reputable farmers and receive the best quality fruit trees. Our range is extensive, and changes regularly as they sell out quickly, and new varieties become available. We source as many different varieties as possible.

Vegetable and Herb Seedlings

Start Your Organic Farm Today

As with all our other products, we source vegetable and herb seedlings organically grown from, in our opinion,  the best farms available. The seedlings we sell are of a decent size and grow magnificently. We also supply these at wholesale prices to the public, which is very affordable even for the smallest of growers. 

Some of our Plants

Meet Nature Halfway, Start Planting Today!

Berry Plants

Of All Shapes and Sizes

We have a large variety of Berry Plants to choose from. Blueberries, Raspberries, Cranberries etc.

Fruit Trees

of all different types

Get the most benefit for your health, from our fruit tree collection.

Plant Seedlings

Vegetables and herbs

Grow your very own vegetable garden from our seedling collection.

Just a Few

Words About Us

At Just Berry Plants, we celebrate the magnificent variety and natural wealth of our land. For decades, it was believed that it wasn’t possible to grow fresh berries in most areas in South Africa. 

But, with patience, time and years of experience, our farmer has learnt how to create the ideal growing environment for a variety of fresh berries. And we’re committed to sharing our insights and quality plants.

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

Certified Experts

Our organic plants are carefully propagated and are treated for pests and diseases. Each plant is grown specifically for the South African climate. We even have deliciously sweet blueberries (known for needing cool conditions) that thrive in subtropical areas.

Quality Services

Our products are of superior quality and our service is personal and dedicated. We are available to advise and assist our customers from Monday to Sunday because we are committed to helping gardeners thrive and succeed.​

Affordable Pricing

A new field for us is vertical gardens. Herbs and leafy greens are grown in pockets on a wall, fence or a stand. Once again, the whole concept is explained in detail.

Expert Advice

Customers are taught about the correct soils, position and care that each fruit or berry plant requires. This is followed up with an email and a step-by-step video clip showing how to plant their berries.

Many Years of

Experience in Plants

Linda and Bev are the faces behind the Just Berry Plants name. These sisters share a passion for teaching gardeners and communities how to grow their own produce.

Some of Our

Trees, Plants, Vegetables and Herbs for sale

Our product range is extensive and comprehensive. It includes an enormous variety of fruits and berries, as well as products associated with vertical farming. 

Berries are popular, delicious, versatile and so nutritious. This makes them an excellent option for just about any garden or green space.

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