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Just Berry Plants was started in 2015, when Bev and Linda gave up their secular jobs to pursue their passion – supplying healthy organic berries in South Africa and educating others to be successful berry growers. 

This was a brave move. At that time, it was generally believed that many berry species simply couldn’t be grown in the hot, sometimes-harsh climate of South Africa. Just Berry Plants has worked hard to disprove that and to provide healthy, thriving plants to anyone that has an interest in gardening. More than this, we provide practical and ongoing support to people who want their berry, fruit, vegetable, and herb plants to flourish. 

Since then, the Just Berry Plants team has grown to include dedicated staff members with the same enthusiasm to care for top-quality fruit and berry plants. Our team shares a passion for and commitment to empowering our clients to grow plants that flourish, even in small spaces. We really want our clients and communities to succeed.

Just Berry Plants

Dedicated Team

Linda and Bev are the faces behind the Just Berry Plants name. These sisters share a passion for teaching gardeners and communities how to grow their own produce. In this way, they are empowered and uplifted, able to provide for their families and enjoy the fruits of their labour. 

Whether they have a large garden or an indoor pot, Bev and Linda can guide them through the process of caring for and growing their own productive berry plants and fruit trees.

Bev and Linda

Our Organic

Berry Plants

Our organic berry plants are superior because they are lovingly propagated from tissue cultures in a sterile laboratory and are treated for pests and diseases. Our ranges include favourites, such as:

Berries We Stock

• Blueberries

• Goji berries

• Gooseberries

• Tayberries

• Cranberries

• Raspberries

We Also Stock

• Apples

• Avocados

• Figs

• Granadillas

• Grapes

• Various citrus plants

• Pomegranates

• Strawberries

And So Much More

Of course, these are only a few of the healthy, beautiful plants that we have on offer. Our full product list gives details of every fruit tree and berry plant on offer at Just Berry Plants. The nursery is open seven days a week and gardeners are welcome to visit and Hand-pick plants. Berries can transform a gardening experience as they produce bountiful, healthy crops. 

Customers are taught about the correct soils, position and care each plant requires. After sales support is a priority to ensure that the gardening adventure is enjoyed to the fullest.


Berry Plants?

The health benefits of berries are well documented. And, the more research is being done, the better the results. All berries are full of antioxidants, minerals, many vitamins, fibre, and so much more. Some have low sugar content (making them suitable for diabetics), some even contain proteins, manganese and other healthful nutrients. 

Berry plants are easy to grow. The way in which our berries are propagated and cultivated ensures many years of healthy fruit from each plant. 

Initially, there are a few guidelines to follow when planting berries. However, they require very little attention once they’re established. Scientists and botanists from around the world continuously exchange information in order to give us maximum benefit from their findings.

Grow your Own Health Garden with our

Fruit Trees

We supply organically grown fruit trees wholesale to the public. We only stock products from reputable farmers and receive the best quality fruit trees. Our range is extensive, and changes regularly as they sell out quickly, and new varieties become available. We source as many different varieties as possible.

Vegetables and Herb


As with all our other products, we source vegetable and herb seedlings organically grown from, in our opinion,  the best farms available. The seedlings we sell are of a decent size and grow magnificently. We also supply these at wholesale prices to the public, which is very affordable even for the smallest of growers. Starting from seed can be a challenge and take a long time, therefore established seedlings are ready for harvest much quicker.

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