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Vegetable and Herb Seedlings

Organically grown seedlings available 9th May, 2021 Choose your own for R2each. Collect from the nursery 288 Maple Road, Kyalami. Order Online: Delivery countrywide! https://www.justberryplants.co.za/product-category/vegetable-and-herb-seedlings/ Lettuce Green Oak Lettuce Red Oak Lettuce Lolla Rossa Lettuce Lolla Bianda Brussel Sprouts Pea Red Cabbage Green Cabbage Beetroot Celery Chinese Cabbage Red Onions Brown Onions White Onions Carrots …

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Companion planting refers to the practice of planting certain plant species together for their benefit. The technical process is called allelopathy, which is when one organism produces biochemicals that benefit another organism. In terms of plants, companion planting is based on the principle that certain plants repel or attract bugs that benefit other plants.   …


Herb Seedlings

Lemon balm Scientific name: Melissa officinalis A very long lasting herbaceous plant. It grows to a height of 70-150cm. The leaves are used for flavouring as well as herb, in teas. The plant is used to attract bees, thus assisting with pollinating your garden. It produces small white flowers during summer, full of nectar. Lemon …

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Veg & Herb Seedlings Available 19th February

All R2each except lemon Balm cuttings Lemon Balm Cuttings R4each Please whatsapp your order  Linda 082 307 8241 Or email: info@justberryplants.co.za Collection from Just Berry Plants 157 Lipizzaner Road, Beaulieu Country Estate. Kyalami. Or courier countrywide Cauliflower Brocolli Kale Red Oak Green oak White Onion Sage Rocket Coriander Red Cabbage Green Cabbage Spring Onions Tomatoes …

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