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Companion planting refers to the practice of planting certain plant species together for their benefit. The technical process is called allelopathy, which is when one organism produces biochemicals that benefit another organism. In terms of plants, companion planting is based on the principle that certain plants repel or attract bugs that benefit other plants.


Learning the ins and outs of companion planting makes it easier to work with nature and create a garden that is supremely healthy and fertile. This is the kind of wisdom that old-school gardeners nurtured; using their insights to feed families and enjoy the healthiest fruit, vegetables, berries and herbs.


Here are some common fruits, herbs and vegetables and their ideal matches for companion planting (as well as plants that would be detrimental to them):


Your Plant Good Companion Bad Companion
Apples Onions, chives, garlic, nasturtiums Potatoes, any grass species
Apricots Basil, garlic Tomatoes
Asparagus Tomato, basil, parsley
Beetroot Spinach, Swiss chard, onions, garlic, lettuce Pole beans
Broccoli Onions, celery, leeks, calendula Tomatoes, strawberries
Cabbage Most herbs, onions, celery, potatoes, beans Tomatoes, strawberries
Carrots Peas, radishes, lettuce, leeks, onions Dill
Cauliflower Celery, cabbage, onion, leeks Tomatoes, strawberries
Celery Cauliflower
Chillies Baby marrows, cucumbers, lettuce, pumpkins
Coriander Broccoli, Brussel’s sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower Fennel
Cucumber Lettuce, peas, radishes Sage
Dill Coriander, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots Fennel
Eggplant (brinjals, aubergines) Beans, marigolds, peas, spinach, thyme, peppers Fennel, tomatoes, bush beans, kohlrabi
Fennel Fennel is not a good companion plant!
Leeks Celery, cabbage, onions
Lettuce Radishes, corn, beetroot, strawberries
Melons Parsley, dill, fennel
Onions Carrots, lettuce, peppers, strawberries, tomatoes Peas
Peaches Basil, garlic
Peas Beans, carrots, cucumber, radishes Leeks, onions, garlic, chives
Peppers Baby marrows, cucumbers, lettuce, pumpkins
Potatoes Nasturtiums, cucumbers, sunflowers Pumpkins, tomatoes, eggplants
Pumpkin Corn, runner beans, corn, melon, squash Potatoes, other pumpkins
Radishes Carrots
Spinach Strawberries
Strawberries Lettuce, Swiss chard, spinach, chives, radishes, peas Fennel, kohlrabi
Swiss chard Broccoli, beetroot, cabbage, onions, strawberries, turnips, thyme
Tomatoes Celery, carrots, onions, garlic, leeks, asparagus, parsley, basil, pepper Peaches, apricots, dill, almonds, potatoes, rosemary
Turnips Nasturtiums, peas, broad beans


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