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Winter Recommendations

The altered winter conditions have influenced the behavior and distribution of plant and animal species in South Africa. For instance, certain plants may bloom earlier or later than usual, and migratory patterns of birds or other animals might shift due to changing weather patterns. May seems to be the new June, and spring potentially occurring …

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Shipping Cost Examples

Here are some examples showcasing our shipping fees nationwide. We do try and keep the fees as low as possible. Submit your order and receive a no-obligation quote, including the shipping fee; you can change the order as many times as necessary or cancel if you are not happy. Let’s discuss it! If you have …

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Olive Trees and Curing

Frantoio Olives are primarily grown in Tuscany but your garden will do just as well. These olives are mainly used to make olive oil which are one of the fruitiest varieties available.  Unlike other varieties that grow like a bush, this tree with its airy canopy will stand out in your garden. Olives can be eaten …

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Availability List

Availability List 10th September, 2023   Please visit the shop for prices, information and soils.   Berry Plants Aronia Berry Blackberry – with or without thorns Blackberry bush Blueberry – early, mid and late season Blueberry – 4 year old plants Cranberry Elderberry Goji Berry English Gooseberry Cape Gooseberry Pineberry Red Raspberry Sea Buckthorn Strawberry …

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