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A Natural, high quality organic soil additive that stimulates, regenerates and protects your plants.


The black soldier fly are one of the most beneficial flies in existence and are considered non-pests. The adult black soldier fly does not have mouthparts and does not feed upon waste. They do not bite, and as only the larva feed, are not associated with transmitting any diseases.


What is frass

‘Frass’ is a term used to describe the casting (poop) and exoskeletons left behind after insect larvae are removed from a compost pile. Frass is loaded with far more nutrients than ordinary soil and is typically used to stimulate plant growth. It can be used on the farm, in the home garden, or even for houseplants.


At Just Berry Plants we strive to give only the best advice and right products, from the soils, the seedlings and all the way to the plants. We have a new fertiliser in stock, called Superfrass. This is an organic fertiliser which will help stimulate the growth of any plant, from fruit trees to even flowers. 

We would like you, our loyal customers, to try this new product and hopefully give us even more feedback.


So for the month of March, you can stand a chance of winning 1 of 2 bags of this new SUPERFRASS fertiliser.


All you have to do is buy any item from JUST BERRY PLANTS and you will be entered into the draw. Take advantage of this offer and get those gardens ready.


For all you planting and growing needs, visit our website and order online. If you are in the area, come in for a visit and have a look around at our varieties. We definitely will have something for everyone.

If you do not have the garden ready for growing, you can easily plant into tree bags as we have a great selection available of these.

For more information on SUPERFRASS click here

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