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What is a chill hour?

So you have finally bought your favourite fruit tree and managed to plant it exactly the way you were told. All that is left to do now, is just wait for the fruit.

But then you did some research and found out about chilling hours. Is it really necessary? will this have an impact on my fruit?

What is a chill hour?

A chill hour is equal to one hour a fruit tree spends in cooler temperature ranging from 7 to 0 degrees Celsius. Tropical fruit require no chill hours whereas figs require 100 hours. Peach trees can vary between 450 to 1200 hours.

If a plant does not get enough chill hours, chances are that it might bloom too late or not at all, which will ultimately result in no fruit

There is just no comparison to eating fruit straight from a tree, to that of fruit bought from a shop. Biting into that fresh crisp skin, juice from the peach explodes into your mouth. As it fills your entire mouth the excess runs down the side revealing a childhood sensation as memories bring out laughter. Now that is the way to enjoy fruit.

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Boland Peach

This peach has a chill hour requirement of 250 hours. It is ready to harvest in late December.

Culemborg Peach

This peach also has a low chill hour requirement of 250 hours. The fruit is ready to harvest in late November.

De Wet Peach

Another peach with a low chill hour requirement of 250 hours. De Wet peaches are ready for harvest in late October.

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