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De Wet Peach Tree


Prunus Persica ‘De Wet’


The De Wet  Peach is a Cling with red flesh around the pip and mostly red skin.  The flesh tends to soften at the point.


It is also known as a Yellow Dessert Peach and produces medium size peaches.

Strong, vigorous grower with low chilling requirement. Harvest end October.


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Position – Full sun; although they can tolerate some shade, they will yield more fruit the more sun they receive and grow more vigorously.

Size – De Wet Peach trees can grow to about 8-10 metres tall. Plan the site before planting, keeping the tree away from external walls, electrical lines, and other trees. If possible, plant in a protected area as strong winds can damage branches and leaves.

Soil Type – Peach trees are not fussy about soil type but prefer slightly acidic soil. Loosen the soil in the area before planting about 1.5mts depth in your normal garden soil, and good drainage is important.

Mulch – Add a thick layer of pine-bark mulch, keeping about 20-30 cm away from the tree trunk. This will keep the soil moist and keep the weeds at bay.

Watering – Tomatoes and potatoes should be kept away from peach trees, as they spread blight. Also, avoid planting raspberry bushes near peach trees. However, planting chamomile and comfrey adds nutrients to the soil, serving as a natural fertiliser for peach trees.

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