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Heidi Mango Tree

Mangifera indica

This medium- to large-sized late season fruiting mango has a distinctive heart shape and is deliciously sweet. It is perfect as a summer snack or in smoothies. It grows well in South Africa, and is often grown in the Western Cape.

When planting in a cold climate it will be necessary to protect with frost cover during the winter.

Mangoes offer great fibre and protein. They also have calcium, phosphorous, ascorbic acid, iron, tryptophan, and vitamins A, B1, B2 and B3.

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Watering – Water your Heidi mango tree every two to three days in the summer and every two to three weeks in the winter (if at all). When you first plant your young tree, you may need to water it a little more frequently for a few weeks. This helps to establish it and prevent the root ball from drying out.

Fertilising – Over-fertilising your mango tree will lead to great greenery but little to no fruits and flowers. To encourage fruiting, use a rapid-release fertiliser with nitrogen just before the tree flowers.

Pruning – Remove dead and diseased branches to give your mango tree the best conditions under which to produce the healthiest fruit. For the best results, prune your tree to have only three or four main branches and plenty of space in the canopy.

Harvesting – Pick your juicy fruit about 4 or 5 months after the tree has flowered.

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