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Fuerte Avocado Tree

Fuerte avocado tree with a Reed rootstock!


Fuerte trees require a pollinator, but when matched with a Reed rootstock, the tree becomes self-pollinating. However, a pollinator would provide a larger yield.


The variety of rootstock selected for the trees determine the longevity of the plant, resistance to pests and diseases, cold hardiness, fruit yield, fruit size, color, quality factors, the size of the tree and its root system.

This is an incredible breakthrough, and this cultivar of Fuerte is hardier than most avocado trees and can withstand cold. That’s not to say it can remain uncovered in very cold areas, but it will survive Gauteng cold in a sheltered spot.


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Planting information for your Avocado Tree:

Position – Plant your Fuerte avocado tree in a sunny spot sheltered from the wind. Allow about 7.5 to 10 metres between your avo trees. The size of the tree can be controlled for smaller gardens.

The Fuerte cultivar is a type B avo, meaning that flowers open first as males, then close and reopen as females. So, plant them about 7.5 to 10 metres from a type A tree, which will have the opposite sex flower simultaneously. This helps bees to cross-pollinate them.

Size – Avo trees can reach a height of between 12 and 15 metres, depending on the condition of the soil, with a canopy spread of up to about 10.5 metres. In good conditions, it can grow about a metre a year.

Soil Type – The Fuerte avo trees need plenty of water, but soggy soil leads to rotting roots. So, the soil needs to be sandy or loamy that drains well. Soil with a pH of between 5.0 and 7.0 is best for avos. Plant with at least one bag of acid compost.

Mulch – Mulch helps to keep the moisture in the soil and to keep weeds at bay. So, use organic materials like compost, hay, or wood chips. Keep it about 20 centimetres away from the tree trunk; otherwise, it will also become waterlogged.

Watering – Avocado trees are particularly demanding when it comes to water. They want plenty of it. A mature tree may drink up to 75 litres of water a day. Generally, your tree should be watered two to three times a week unless it has been particularly dry.

Fertilising – One tablespoon of nitrogen can be applied around your tree once in spring, summer, and autumn. Follow the sprinkling with heavy watering to allow the nitrogen to be absorbed into the soil. 

Our high nitrogen slow-release berry fertiliser works well with all plants and trees. 1 teaspoon every 4-5 months.

Pruning – Prune your Fuerte avo tree towards the end of winter/beginning of spring with clean equipment (that hasn’t been used on another diseased tree). Keep the canopy light and airy, and trim off horizontal branches hanging closer to the ground.

Harvesting  Only mature fruits will ripen once plucked, so leave them on the tree for as long as possible. As a general rule, pick the largest fruits first, which will be the most mature.

Pick while green and allow them to ripen indoors. Avocados do not ripen on the tree and will fall off when rotten.

When your Fuerte avo is ready to eat, it will be firm but give under the pressure of your thumb.


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