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Sabre Mango Tree

Mangoes are sweet, tropical fruits that smack of summer! The Sabre mango is a small to medium-sized fibreless fruit that is longer and narrower than some other varieties; and is yellow, with a reddish blush. It is known for its rich quality, making it a treat as a healthy snack or an addition to your favourite smoothie or dessert.

They are nutritious, packed with vitamins and other minerals, low in calories, and promote the health of our eyes, gut, and heart.

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Position – Plant your Sabre mango tree in full sun. The canopy will spread outward, so it needs plenty of space (about eight mts) around it. Mango trees attract birds – fantastic for your garden. The Sabre Mango tree is a big tree unsuitable for a pot.

Size – Sabre mango trees are big, reaching a height of about four mts, with a similar spread.

Soil type – For the best results, plant your Sabre Mango tree in sandy soil with a pH between 5.5 and 7.5 that drains well and doesn’t become drenched with water (which may cause root rot). This ground should be rich in organic matter that feeds the tree roots.

Mulch – Prevent weeds from overtaking the area around your mango tree and keep the soil moist by using good-quality organic mulch. Use hay, wood chips, old leaves, or grass cuttings, but keep the mulch about 20 cms away from the tree trunk.

Watering – Because mangoes are accustomed to tropical areas (as opposed to dry areas), they do best with moderate watering. Water the plant generously so the soil is very wet, allowing the water to reach the deep tap root. Then, wait until the top 10 cms of soil completely dries out before watering again. Be especially vigilant and cease watering from when the first buds appear to when they have fully opened. 

 Pruning – Remove branches that are diseased or dead, as well as those that are cluttering the canopy. You can also prune your tree to a desired height.


Just before flowering, use a rapid-release nitrogen fertilizer to boost the health and abundance of fruit and flowers. Use our slow-release nitrogen-rich all plant fertiliser Apply 1 teaspoon every 4-5 months. The roots will absorb what they required.

Our high nitrogen slow-release all plant fertiliser works well with all plants and trees. 1 teaspoon every 4-5 months.

Harvesting – It’s time to pick your sweet Sabre mangoes when firm, but give in under pressure from a thumb and will have a red blush on the otherwise yellow skin. This variety is usually available between November and January. To pluck it from the tree, give a gentle tug downwards.

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