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Sweet Cherry Or Juicy Citrus?

Mexican (Capulin) Cherry

When you hear cherry, you tend to immediately think of the bright glossy red cherries you get on top of your ice-cream or in your cocktail. So full of flavour and very sweet. Wouldn’t it be great to pick your own cherries in your garden?


If you want some cherries available in your garden then consider a Mexican or capulin cherry tree. This cherry tree is a semi-deciduous tree which can grow up to 15 metres. It is referred to as a hermaphrodite species, meaning it has male and female organs, which gets pollinated by insects, thus, you’ll only need one tree to get fruit. It is somewhat shaped like an umbrella with a short stout trunk and rough greyish bark. This is truly an attractive tree to have in the garden especially when it is ready to bloom.

Flowers appear in early spring and are about 2cm wide with white petals and distinct yellow centres. The aromatic fruit are about 1-2cm in size, deep glossy maroon to dark purple, with a thin tender skin. The pale green, firm, juicy flesh is sweet. The cherry tree can handle drought but is very prone to root rot. When planting ensure that there is sufficient drainage available in order for the roots to stay dry.

Add some colour to your garden with a cherry tree and see how quick they actually grow. Before you know it you will be picking cherries and enjoying their sweet taste.



  • The average cherry tree has 7000 cherries. To put it mildly that is enough to bake 28 cherry pies.
  • The average lifespan of a grapefruit tree is approximately 50 years.
  • The worlds largest grapefruit was grown in Brazil with a weight of 3.210kg. It had a circumference of 70cm.
  • According to a study by the smell and taste institute of Chicago men perceive women to be up to 6 years younger than they are when they catch a whiff of grapefruit scent.
  • Grapefruit is 92% water.


Star Ruby Grapefruit

The star ruby grapefruit is the benchmark of grapefruit regarding colour fragrance and flavour. The fruits are a yellow-orange colour with a blush of rose as it contains hardly any seeds. The flesh is an aromatically bright ruby colour which is packed with juice in its perfectly sweet tart flavour, much sweeter than other varieties.


The evergreen grapefruit trees grow to about 6m tall but can reach up to 13metres in height. The leaves are glossy dark green, long and thin as it produces white four petaled flowers of about 5cm.  This is truly a citrus tree to add to your garden.

If you are getting tired of being at home and waiting for the lockdown to improve, why not spend some time in your garden and plant these great fruit trees. They are both easy to maintain and will surely add colour and variety to your garden. Visit JUST BERRY PLANTS today and order your trees as well as the soil that is needed, all from the comfort of your home.

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