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White Sapote Trees


The White Sapote tree is an evergreen tree that can reach 6 to 12mts tall. White sapote flowers are pollinated by insects. Some varieties may only produce functionally female flowers and thus require cross-pollination. Best to buy two or more trees.

It has dense, glossy, dark green leaves that are pinnately compound, consisting of multiple leaflets arranged like a feather.

The tree produces small, fragrant, white to pale yellow flowers that are typically inconspicuous.

The fruit of the White Sapote is the main attraction. It is round or oval, typically about the size of a tennis ball.

When ripe, the skin turns from green to yellow or orange.

The flavor is a mix of banana, pear, and peach with hints of vanilla.

White Sapote fruit is typically eaten fresh by scooping out the flesh with a spoon or cutting it into slices.

Please scroll down for growing information:

Position: White Sapote trees thrive in tropical and subtropical climates with mild winters and well-drained soil.

They require full sun for optimal growth and fruit production.

Watering: The trees are somewhat drought-tolerant once established but benefit from regular watering.

Fertilising: White Sapote trees benefit from regular fertilisation during their growing season, which is typically in the spring and early summer. You can also apply a smaller amount of fertilizer in late summer or early fall. Our berry fertiliser is a great slow-release for all fruit trees.

Pruning: Prune to maintain shape and promote healthy growth.

Mulching: Applying a layer of mulch around the tree’s base can help conserve moisture and maintain soil temperature. Organic mulch, like wood chips or straw, can release nutrients slowly as it breaks down, providing additional nourishment.

Harvesting: White Sapotes are usually harvested with a slight give when gently squeezed, indicating ripeness.

They should be picked carefully to avoid bruising.

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