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20L Bon Chretien Pear Tree


Pyrus communis ‘ Bon Chretien’

Hot climates, such as Durban, are unsuitable for growing pear trees.

Bon Chretien Pear trees are easy and rewarding to grow, and the fruit is always delicious to add to sweet and savoury dishes.

The Bon Chretien pear is one of the oldest dessert pear varieties.

The tree, which is ideal for even small gardens, bears heavy harvests of large and juicy fruits.

The Bon Chretien pear is not self-fertile and requires Clapps or Forelle variety to cross-pollinate it

These trees attract birds, insects, and bees, making your garden a hotspot for some very exciting and beneficial species.

These pears offer high fibre and vitamin C content, contributing to a healthy gut and efficient immune system. Poach them with red wine, cloves and cinnamon, or turn them into a delicious baked tart.

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Position – This pear tree grows well in a partially sunny spot. Plant the Bon Chretien pear tree close to a different variety (Clapps is a good pollinator) with the same blooming period for the best pollination opportunities. It is a hardy tree that does well in most settings.

Size – The Bon Chretien pear tree grows to an average height of 4 to 6 metres, but can reach a height of about 9 metres with an 8-metre spread. So, give them plenty of space to grow and flourish (around 5 metres around each tree).

Soil Type – A light, sandy soil that drains well is perfect for this tree. This type of soil is loose enough to stay moist while not becoming flooded and allowing the roots to grow through it with ease. A neutral pH (around 7) works best.

Mulch – Apply organic mulch to your pear tree all year round. Scatter a deep layer of well-rotted compost, sawdust or wood chips around the tree, being careful to keep it 20 to 30 centimetres from the trunk to avoid the trunk from rotting due to being waterlogged. Mulch helps to keep the soil moist.

Watering – The Bon Chretien pear tree requires moderate watering to keep the soil moist. But be careful not to overwater it.

Fertilising – A slow-release fertilise can be given to your garden pear tree once a year. More than this should not be necessary unless your soil is extremely unhealthy and devoid of nutrients. Too much fertiliser will yield a beautiful tree but no fruits.

Pruning – Cut your tree to about four healthy shoots every winter, and thin out excess and unruly spurs. This encourages fruit and flowers to grow.

Harvesting Pick your Bon Chretien pears when they are still a little green. They are ready to be picked when they come off the branch easily if you lift and twist them. Try not to leave them to ripen on the tree for too long because they quickly become mealy (or gritty) and overripe. Rather, pluck them earlier and let them ripen in a dark place at room temperature.

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