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Rose Apple Tree


Syzygium jambos

Rose apples are also known as “Jambu” or “wax apple”. In no sense do these trees resemble standard apples as it is part of the myrtle family.  Once these fruit trees are established they will produce fruit for 30 – 35 years.

The fruit is very crispy and tasty, similar to that of a normal apple, with the flesh being softer providing an excellent rose aroma. The fruit are highly perishable and should be consumed as soon as they ripen.

The evergreen leaves are glossy with an attractive dark green colour. This plant is considered an invasive plant in Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Western Cape.

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Position – The Rose apple is a subtropical plant and enjoys hot, humid conditions. Plant these trees in a sunny spot with moist soil. These trees have a good resistance against wind and can even be grown as a windbreaker.

If planting in a cold, frost climate, plant your rose apple in a container and move indoors in winter.

Size – Rose apple trees can grow to between 7 and 12 metres in height.

Soil Type – Rose apple trees need moist, well-draining soil and will do well in most soils with a pH of 5 and higher. Adding plenty of compost in your soil will help the tree perform at its best.

Mulch – A thin layer of mulch will ensure that the plant can retain moisture and that the soil will likely have a healthier pH. Organic materials like straw, green pine needles, wood shavings and so on work best as a mulch.

Watering – The Rose apple tree can withstand drought but performs poorly with frost. Water regularly to keep the soil moist.

Fertilising – This tree thrives with a nutrient-rich, well-aged compost.

Pruning – Rose apple trees grow naturally with a balanced canopy, so pruning is kept at a minimum.

Harvesting – Fruits will ripen 4 months after flowering. If moisture and sunlight is not optimal, the fruit yield will be low. Harvest the fruit when they turn to a brighter colour as the fruit does not have a long shelf life.

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