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Pomegranate Tree Purple


The pomegranate is a deciduous shrub that bears beautiful fruit with delicious red seeds. The fruit is used for sweet and savoury dishes and always adds to the aesthetics of the plate, thanks to its vibrant colour.


They are high in vitamin C, vitamin K and folate. As such, they boost the immune system, reduce the signs of ageing, have powerful antioxidants, reduce inflammation and help to fight prostate cancer. The juice of one of these fruits has more than 40% of your daily vitamin C requirement.


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Position – Plant your pomegranate in full sun to achieve maximum flower and fruit production. They do not like wind, so plant them in a protected spot.


Size – Pomegranates typically grow to between 3 and 6 metres in height and have a wide canopy spread.


Soil Type – These trees are not fussy about the type of soil in which they grow. Add a layer of organic mulch to get great nutrients into the soil.


Watering – Once the tree is established, it can tolerate drought and heat very well. Even with no water, the tree will grow, but it won’t produce good quality fruit in any significant quantity. Water it about twice a month if there has been no rain. Keeping the soil moist during fruiting will prevent the fruits from splitting.


Fertilising – Fertilise your plant from April to July. Nitrogen is the most important element for your pomegranate trees if they are not bearing fruit. Well-aged horse manure works wonders. Or visit your local nursery for a recommended fertiliser.


Pruning – Pomegranates do best when they are pruned lightly after about 2 years.


Harvesting – The fruit of the pomegranate tree takes a long time to ripen (about 5 to 7 months), and most will ripen from about April. During hot and dry conditions, pomegranates can ripen earlier and faster, so the fruit must be picked just before they are fully mature as they crack if they are allowed to become overripe.


They are ready to be picked if they have good, strong colour and if, when tapped, they sound metallic.


Use a pair of scissors to cut the fruit off rather than tugging them.

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