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Macadamia Nut Tree Grafted

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Our Macadamia Nut trees are grafted and self-pollinating. Grafted trees typically start producing nuts earlier than those grown from seeds.

We currently offer two distinct varieties of nut-bearing macadamia trees, each with unique characteristics. The A4, also known as Hidden Valley, features smooth-shelled nuts, while the Beaumont variety boasts nuts encased in rough shells. These evergreen trees are not only a source of delectable nuts but also add to the visual allure of your landscape with their dark green leaves.

The A4 is easy to harvest and processing is a breeze. On the other hand, the Beaumont variety yields nuts with rough, textured shells, providing a more rustic and natural appeal.

These evergreen trees are known for their impressive stature, as they can reach heights of up to 12 meters, making them a commanding presence in your garden or orchard. Their dark green leaves offer year-round greenery, ensuring a constant touch of elegance and tranquillity to your outdoor space.

However, it’s essential to note that these trees are sensitive to frost during their early growth stages. Careful consideration of your local climate conditions is crucial to protect these young trees from frost damage. Proper care and attention in their formative years will ensure their healthy and robust development, ultimately leading to a bountiful harvest of delicious nuts and the continued beauty of these evergreen trees in your landscape.

The nuts are sweet and creamy with a unique flavour. They are often consumed raw, roasted, or used in various culinary applications like baking and cooking. The nuts are highly regarded for their rich, buttery flavour.

Scroll down for planting information:


Select a location in your yard that gets full sun but has shelter from the wind. The south or west side of a less windy garden is most suitable.


Macadamia nut trees can grow to between 2 and 12 metres tall in the garden, but they can be grown in large containers too.


These trees favour acidic to slightly acidic soil that drains well. If your garden soil is not deep, well-draining and fertile, use perlite or sand.

Because they like slightly acidic soil, use a bag of acid compost. Firm the soil around the roots to eliminate air spaces and water deeply after planting to help lessen the shock of transplanting. Add as much organic matter or compost as possible to the hole or pot before planting.

Mulch –

Mulching is important to preserve moisture, as macadamia nut trees require slightly moist soil. Mulching also prevents competitive weeds—mulch with crushed, dry leaves or acid compost.


To ensure good growth and fruit-bearing macadamia nut trees need high nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Use our slow-release nitrogen-rich all plant fertiliser Apply 1 teaspoon every 4-5 months


Collect your nuts every few weeks in the wet weather. They are ready to be harvested when their outer shell cracks or when they fall to the ground.

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