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Jujube Tree


Ziziphus mauritiana

 The Jujube tree is a small deciduous tree reaching a height of between 5 and 12 mts with thorny branches. The leaves are shiny green with three conspicuous veins at the base, whereas the tiny flowers have yellowish-green petals.

The fruit starts with a smooth green colour and matures into a brown to purplish black, eventually wrinkled, looking like a small date. The consistency and taste are very similar to an apple with lower acidity. Inside the fruit is a single hard kernel containing two seeds.

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Position – The Jujube tree enjoys a wide range of temperatures as it can handle temperatures as low as -15ºC. This tree requires hot summers and sufficient water. Plant the tree in well-drained soil with full sun as they are also very drought tolerant.

Size – The Jujube tree can grow between 5 and 12 mts tall. It is also grown as an ornamental tree. Space the trees 3 to 5 mts apart for plenty of growing space. Well-drained sandy soil is best for these trees.

Water – Jujube tes should receive at least two cms each week as they are drought tolerant. Water more regularly, especially during dry seasons.

Pruning – Prune the tree when it is dormant in late autumn or early winter. Prune out dead or damaged branches. To control the size of the tree, cut the main stem to the desired height in early spring before it blossoms.

Fertilising – Jujubes do well with little to no fertilisation. Only fertilise the new tree once established after several months.

Harvesting – Jujube fruit is ready to harvest when they turn dark black. You can also leave the fruit on the tree until it fully dries. When harvesting, cut the stem rather than pull the fruit.

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