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EM Multi – 1L


EM Multi improves soil quality for healthier plants, encouraging substantial growth from roots to foliage, flowers to fruit. It also eliminates foul odours, cleans your home, and purifies water.

EM is entirely secure, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable while remarkably efficient and potent.

Directions for use:

After planting a new tree, soil-drench every week for one month and then every two weeks for one month. After that, repeat monthly.

Use EM consistently to actively deter the growth of mold, fungi, and harmful bacteria.

Dilute 10ml (2 teaspoons) of EM Multi in 1L of water and thoroughly saturate the soil. 

Use as a foliar spray: Dilute 10ml (2 teaspoons) of EM Multi in 1L of water using a spray bottle. 

Increase the concentration to 10ml of EM Multi per 500ml of water for disease protection. Spray the foliage as frequently as weekly.

Foliar Drench for soil and foliar: Mix 100 ml of EM Multi with 10 liters of water in a watering can to thoroughly soak foliage and soil. Water generously until both foliage and soil are saturated. It is perfect for seedlings, newly potted plants, vegetables, roses, etc.

As a highly effective, environmentally safe cleanser and natural sanitiser for your home:

    • Mix 10ml per 1L water.

Pets, Horses, and Livestock as a pro-biotic:

    • Mix 5ml per 5L of drinking water.

Drain Cleaner & Toilets:

    • Add 1/2 a cup undiluted into the drain.

Washing Machine

    • Add 1/2 a cup undiluted into the washing machine.

Dilution must be used within 12 hrs. Pour left over onto the soil.

Shelf life 90-180 days.

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What is EM?

Dr. Teruo Higa created Effective Microorganisms (E.M.) in the 1970s to enhance soil quality and plant growth. E.M. is a mix of beneficial microbes that help in agriculture and waste management. It has gained global popularity using phototrophic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, and yeast. E.M. has undergone extensive testing and is proven to be safe for both humans and animals. It consists of over 80 microorganisms and is helpful in many practical applications.

Effective microorganisms (EM) are the coexistence of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. The exchange of food sources between these microorganisms makes EM a uniquely life-promoting culture.

For example:

Azotobacters are aerobic and thrive on organic matter. This also supports their process of reproduction and proliferation. The waste matter produced is the ideal food source for phototropic bacteria. They, in turn, provide organic waste, which is the sustenance required by azotobacters. This symbiotic relationship is why EM technology can be regarded as a solution to environmental problems.


  • EM for horses:

EM is a cost-effective way of keeping your horses healthy. It is excellent at controlling flies on the horse and their environment. It eliminates strong odours, like urine, by breaking down the ammonia compounds. When applied correctly, it helps to mitigate any harmful pathogens. Stable litter that is ready for disposal can be composted with horse manure to produce high-quality organic compost.

  • EM for livestock:

Bad smells in barns and stables are caused by harmful microorganisms which attract flies. Spraying a solution of EM into livestock barns and adding a solution into their drinking water will suppress the odour. Animals will endure less stress, their health will improve and the number of flies and ticks will decrease. Adding EM solution to drinking water will improve the microflora in animal intestines, which helps to produce good-quality manure.

  • EM in vegetable farming:

Use EM as a pre-planting treatment during planting and transplanting stages of vegetables and herbs and repeat applications during crop growth. EM assists in breaking down crop residue before incorporating the residue back into the soil.

  • EM in your home:

EM is truly an efficient cleaning agent. EM populates surfaces in and around your home with friendly microorganisms, which over time, maximises the effect. The enzyme action consumes the dirt and can be used on many different surfaces;

              • Bathroom
              • Kitchen
              • Laundry
              • Inside shoes
              • Pet bedding
              • Carpets
              • All outlet pipes i.e. toilet, bath.
  • EM in your garden

EM puts you firmly on the green path when using it in your garden. EM is certified organic, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Because EM boosts the soil, your garden will flourish without any chemicals. The soil’s vitality equals the vitality of the plants and fruits they produce. EM is a biocontrol measure, controlling pests by releasing microorganisms into the soil. With EM, pests and pathogens are controlled or suppressed through natural processes.

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