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Sweetsop / Sugar Apple – Custard Apple Tree

Annona Squamosa

Sweetsop / Sugar apple is the bumpiest variety with most prominent scales. It is easily recognised due to its green skin. The fruit is medium to large in size with white and creamy flesh containing black non-edible seeds throughout. It has a sweet and fruity flavour with a touch of acidity. The texture is chewy and grainy.

These custard apples are delectable fruits that are quite easy to grow in South Africa. The tropical and sub-tropical conditions are ideal for fruiting, while hotter, drier conditions yield the best flowers. These trees are aptly named, as the fruit tastes exactly like it sounds – creamy, vanilla-infused apples with real custard richness.

They are deciduous trees, so they shed their leaves every year. This is a tree that is constantly changing, always presenting a different but equally lovely face. Include a few in your garden for a really pretty option that has irresistible fruits.

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Custard Apple trees prefer a warm, frost-free and wind-free part of the garden. are easy to grow in full sun. They will do extremely well in temperatures between 15-25° Celsius. Give each tree about 4 to 5 metres of space around it.

Soil Type

Custard Apple Trees grows best in sandy loam soils. A mixture of compost, potting soil and river sand will do very well.


This tree grows to a height of between 2 and 6 metres.


The soil should be kept moist (but not soggy) once the tree has been transplanted. They are susceptible to root rot. An established tree needs watering weekly if there’s been no rain.


Mulch well to keep the soil from drying out too quickly. Use organic material like grass cuttings or straw.


Use our slow-release nitrogen-rich all plant fertiliser. Apply 1 teaspoon every 4-5 months. The roots will absorb


Winter is the best time to prune the branches of the custard apple tree however, only a light pruning is needed.

Container Growing

Custard Apple trees can be grown in large containers if the pot has good drainage. Your soil mixture should be river sand (25%), compost (25%) and potting soil (50%)


The custard apple is a climacteric fruit and is harvested at the maturity stage when the fruit starts to change colour from green to its varietal colour shade.

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