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Why Choose a Lemon Tree?

Why Lemon Trees?


Almost every kid has tried to make lemonade at least once. It may not have been a great success or maybe it was, but I am sure it was well enjoyed in those hot summer days. That is just one reason why every garden should have a lemon tree.



  • One lemon tree can produce up to 300kgs of lemons per year.
  • A single citrus tree will produce about 60 000 flowers but only 1% will turn into fruit.
  • The heaviest lemon ever grown was recorded in Kefar Zeitim, Israel. This lemon had a circumference of 74cm, was 35cm high and weighed an incredible 5.265kg.
  • Just for the kids. You can add electrodes to a lemon in order to make a battery. In order to power 1 flashlight bulb, you would need 500 lemons.

Lemon trees are evergreen and when laden with fruit can be very eye-catching. You do not need a big garden to grow a lemon tree, they can even be grown in a pot. Because of it being evergreen you will have shade right through the year. Another reason why you should add a lemon tree to your garden.

Like most citrus trees, Lemon trees need full sun. If you do decide on a lemon tree make some effort with it. The perfect hole to plant a lemon tree in should be 500x500x500mm. This will allow the roots plenty of space, so consider this, even when planting it in a pot. Lemon trees grow well in sub-tropical climates with high rainfall but will flourish anywhere once it is established.

The sweet, scented blossoms on the lemon tree are an attribute similar to those of other citrus trees. In many cases blossoms and fruit are visible togethe. The general fruiting season is springtime, especially October.

Eureka Lemon

A healthy growing tree of a medium to large size. The fruit is yellow, smooth skinned with a greenish flesh. It is high in acidity with lots of juice.

Lisbon Lemon

This is large tree that grows very well. The fruit is medium sized with yellow skin and a pale flesh. It is also high in acidity with lots of juice.

Rough skin Lemon

This is also a large tree with a gnarled look. The fruit from this tree tend to be oddly shaped adding to the characteristics of the gnarled look. The fruit are yellow with a pale flesh. This is an old-fashioned lemon tree that have been around for many years.


We have all these lemon trees waiting to be planted. Come and choose your favourite and get it ready to fruit as I am sure there are many recipes you can truly enjoy with this fresh fruit.

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