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Which tree to choose, LOQUAT VS KUMQUAT?

Loquat vs Kumquat


Loquat (Eriabotrya Japonica)

Loquat trees are a flowering plant from the family, Rosaceae. It is a large evergreen shrub or tree, producing yellow fruit which is cultivated as an ornamental plant. Loquats are small, round fruits that grow in clusters. Loquats can be used in many different dishes. The fruit is delicate and do not keep for long as preservative methods would be freezing, canning or dehydrating. Loquat trees are sensitive to cold weather and should be planted in a sunny location as they can grow to over 7meters tall.


Kumquat (Citrus Japonica)

Kumquat trees are small fruit bearing trees with edible fruit that resembles the orange but shaped much smaller. This fruit tree can withstand cold temperatures as they are slow-growing evergreen shrubs that grow to between 2 and 4 meters tall. The peel of the kumquat is edible, while the juicy flesh has a tart-like taste. Kumquats are used as marmalade but fits very well in salads.


Both these trees are great to add to your garden. If you are looking for some great appeal and lots of shade then the Loquat will be a well-deserved addition to your garden.  If space is an issue then the kumquat can be well maintained to fit where it is needed.

Do not however underestimate the differences in the fruit. Loquats have juicy sweet yellow fruit compared the citrus like fruit of the Kumquat. Go pick a spot in your garden and order your tree from our website. Whichever tree you choose it will truly be a great addition to your garden.


If you already have fruit from your Loquat and Kumquat trees but need some ideas, then follow the links;






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