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Volcanic Rock Dust


Today our soils have been leached of all their nutrients by over-farming, the use of chemicals, pesticides and the poor quality of water.

Volcanic Rock Dust contains more than 72 minerals and trace elements that nourish the soil returning it to a healthy, rich state.

Obviously, healthy soil will produce healthy plants. It is very easy to use and will never ‘burn’ a flower or plant. A little goes a long way.

We pack our Volcanic Rock Dust in 700-gram bags which is enough for one plant.

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Thousands of years ago the entire earth was covered with Volcanic Rock Dust. This made the soil very rich in nutrients which in turn aided in the healthy, natural growth of crops. It is 100% organic, non-toxic, totally natural, and environmentally friendly.

Besides the benefits above Volcanic Rock Dust improves root development which in turn gives quicker and sturdier growth rates. It improves water retention, increases earthworm activity, and assists with pest control. Also, Volcanic Rock Dust can be used in compost to increase the quality and decomposition as well as reduce any smell.

It is also excellent for insect control and can be dusted on plants. This keeps all plants organic and it has been proven to have benefits as a human and animal dietary supplement.

A good sprinkling of Volcanic Rock Dust mixed with soil when preparing beds for flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit and anything that grows, will make a huge improvement to results.

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