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Pineberry Plant


Fragaria ananassa

Some partnerships work better than others, and the marriage of pineapple and strawberry flavors is just about perfect. Sweet, tart, and tropically tantalising; this white berry is all sorts of delicious.

 Pineberry berries are small and white or very pale-pink and packed with flavour. Despite tasting a lot like pineapple, they’re not related to a pineapple at all. They are also not a strawberry (but are descendants) and are not genetically modified.

Some of their health benefits include:

  • Promoting a healthy heart.
  • Preventing congenital disabilities.
  • Boosting your immune system.
  • Preventing oxidative stress.
  • Strengthening bones and teeth.

Scroll down for planting information:

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Position – Pineberries can be grown in pots or in the garden as they don’t need much space. When planting them, ensure that you only cover the roots in the soil and not the plant’s crown. Interestingly, the taste and quality of the berries won’t change much whether they are grown in the sun or a greenhouse. However, sunshine may give them a blue tinge.

Size – This plant will reach a height of between 20 and 30 cms and anything from 25 to 45 cms wide. So, when planting, give them enough room to spread sufficiently.

Soil type – The best soil for healthy pineberries is sandy or loamy, which drains well and contains nutrients. If your soil has more clay or lacks nutrients, add compost to it.

 Mulch – Use a thin layer of organic matter – like grass cuttings or wood chips – around your pineberry plants to keep the soil below from drying out. Mulching also helps prevent the ground from being overrun by weeds.

Watering – Give your plants 2.5 to 3 cms weekly to moisten the soil. Adjust this amount if there has been rain.

 Fertilising – Compost adds essential nutrients to the soil to strengthen young plants. When your plant produces berries, use a high-phosphorous fertilizer (like bone meal).

Harvesting – These scrumptious berries are ready to be picked and enjoyed in spring and summer. Simply pluck them and enjoy.


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