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Alphonso Mango Tree Grafted


Mangifera indica

The Alphonso mango is renowned to be the king of all mangoes. The best trait of this variety is that it is non-fibrous, making it excellent to eat on its own. The shape of the fruit is somewhat like an egg, as it can weigh anything between 200 and 400 grams.

They are sensitive to cold temperatures and frost, as they are tropical fruit trees, therefore the best time to plant is in Spring or Summer. Plant in a container if growing in a cold climate, and move into a greenhouse or indoors in winter. Grafted Alphonso will take about one year to bear fruit.

The fruit starts off with a dark green colour and matures into a refreshing golden-yellowish outer skin when ripe. The flesh in turn, becomes a saffron colour. Alphonso mangoes are extremely sweet with a creamy and pulpy texture.

The Alphonso mango is an evergreen tree with lush green leaves all year round. Ensure the site is protected from strong winds.

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Position – Plant your tropical fruit tree in full sun and allow plenty of space around it to allow it to spread (at least 8 metres). Because this is a larger tree, growing it in a pot isn’t recommended long term. The fruits attract birds, which are always welcome additions to the garden.

Size – The Alphonso mango tree reaches a height of about 4 metres with a spread of 4 metres, making it easy to maintain.

Soil Type – This tree thrives in well-draining, sandy soil rich in organic matter. The soil should be deep enough to allow the roots to grow and extend. These mangoes perform best in soils with a pH of 5.5 and 7.5.

Mulch – Good organic mulch helps to keep weeds in control and to help the soil to retain moisture. Use straw, grass cuttings, or wood chips and apply these liberally around the tree’s base, carefully keeping about 20cm away from its trunk. If mulch is applied right up to the trunk, it can cause water to accumulate there and the tree will eventually rot.

Watering – Alphonso mangoes require a moderate amount of watering, especially during the period from when the first flower buds appear to when they have fruited. Water the trees deeply to saturate the long taproot. Allow the soil surface to dry out to about 10cm before watering again. Withhold irrigation for two months before flowering and continue watering as soon as fruits begin to form.

Fertilising – A rapid-release fertiliser with nitrogen can be given to your trees just before they flower. This will encourage the fruit and flowers to flourish. Just be careful not to over-fertilise them, as this will hinder the production of fruits and flowers.

Pruning – Trim diseased limbs or dead branches off the tree, and keep the canopy open (not cluttered with branches). When the tree reaches an appropriate size, you can prune it once or twice a year to keep it at a more manageable height.

Harvesting – Mangoes are ready to harvest once they have changed from green to mainly yellow in colour. Once it reaches the desired colour, you can gently tug to remove it from the tree.

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