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Crimson Seedless Grape

Vitis vinifera ‘Crimson’

This seedless red grape is elongated and moreishly sweet. The flesh inside is very light green and juicy – delicious for light snacks or after-dinner treats. It originates from the United States and is a hybrid between a sultana and an emperor grape.

They grow well in South Africa, Chile, Mexico, Greece, Spain and Italy.

Grapes often get a fungal disease like powdery mildew. Spray your plants with lime sulphur while they are dormant.

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Position – Crimson grapes love full sunshine but can survive partial shade. Because this vine offers a generous amount of grape clusters, it needs to be supported on a sturdy, strong fence or trellis. It also looks lovely draped over an unsightly wall.

Size – This vine can reach a height of about 4 metres with a spread of about 2.5 metres at maturity (between 5 and 10 years old). It provides beautiful shade thanks to its generous canopy.

Soil Type – The crimson grapevine grows beautifully in well-draining chalk, clay, loam or sandy soil as it is resilient. The soil should have a neutral to slightly alkaline pH.

Mulch – Apply about 10 centimetres of organic mulch a few centimetres away from the stalk of your vine. Mulch made of pine needles, old leaves, wood chips or hay is optimal.

Watering – As with most vines, the crimson grape does not like to be overwatered. Its roots reach deep into the soil, where it can get water. So, give it a slow, gentle water once every two weeks if there hasn’t been much rain.

Fertilising – Two weeks after planting the crimson grapevine, mix nitrogen-rich fertiliser into the soil around the vine. This fertiliser could be aged manure or packaged fertiliser. This fertiliser can be reapplied at the beginning of spring every year.

Pruning – This vine grows fast and needs continual pruning. Each vine should only have 4 branches (2 attached to the top wire of the trellis or fence and 2 on the bottom wire). Only 1 bud should be allowed to grow on either end of the vine. If more start to grow, cut them away. Without this vigorous pruning, your vine may well overwhelm the structure that’s supporting it.

Harvesting Crimson grapes are a late-season variety, which means that they can be harvested all through the summer months, and sometimes even into autumn

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