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Blueberry Early Season with Soils


Our Blueberry plants are self-pollinating but will bear a bigger yield and richer fruit if cross pollinated.


They can be planted during any season, however, if planting in the hotter months, care must be taken to not let the roots dry out.


They may go into shock during transit or replanting but are otherwise very resilient.

Blueberry and Cranberry Plants MUST be planted in VERY acidic soil.

Cold hardy and can be container grown in a 40L or larger pot. Soil preparation is the same for both pot and garden planting.

Scroll down for planting information and a link to a step by step video on planting Blueberries:

Blueberry Early Season start to blossom in August and the blueberries will ripen over a period of about 6 weeks

We have a few Early season Blueberry plants specifically to grow in the heat and humidity of Durban.

We have Blueberry plants for all climates in SA


Soil Requirements:


Acidic. Ph between 4.2 and 5 (VERY important) Acid Compost and Berry Mix are not sufficient to reduce the pH of the soil for Blueberry and Cranberry Plants.


A Kit consists of:

1 Blueberry Plant Early Season

Lithuanian Spaghnum Peat Moss

Berry Mix

Volcanic Rock Dust

Pine Bark Mulch

Berry Fertiliser

The only other soil required is a bag of Acid Compost per plant. Too large to courier


The Berry Mix or Acid Compost on their own is fine for Raspberry Plants, Blackberry Plants, Tayberry and Elderberry Plants as they require slightly acidic soil.


Preparation of the soil for your Early Season Blueberry Plant

Can be container grown in a 40L or larger pot. Soil preparation is the same for both pot and garden planting.


The Peat Moss must be soaked in water for at least 24 hours before planting, as it absorbs a lot of water initially and your plant roots will not be watered


Place acid compost mixed with potting soil for container growing or with any other soil in the ground.


Add soaked peat moss, berry mix and volcanic rock dust and mix in to the top section of the soil.


Gently place the plant (try not to disturb the roots) in the soil mixture and cover the roots (not the stem) with Pine Bark Mulch.
Please go to our link https://youtube/CN0Zp0XfkCA to see how it’s done. Cranberry and Blueberry Plants require the same soil and are planted the same way.


Weight 2 kg
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