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Banana Tree Grand Nain


Bananas remain a first choice for a nutritious snack on the go and are still one of the world’s favourite fruits.

Bananas have fibre, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and various vitamins. They moderate blood sugar levels, improve digestion and may help us to lose weight. They also have antioxidants.

Our banana plants usually bear fruit the next season after planting. Protect in cold climates as they are sub-tropical

Make banana smoothies, add them to pancakes, fry them up with bacon and eggs for a hearty breakfast, or bake them into a gorgeous banana bread loaf. Bananas are a popular way to sweeten dishes for those who are trying to keep their sugar (sucrose) intake down without missing out on sweet treats.

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Position – Bananas prefer full sun or partial shade in the afternoon. Because it is not a very tall tree, the Grand Nain can withstand strong winds better than other cultivars.


Size – A mature Grand Nain tree is between 2.5 and 3 metres tall with a spread of between 1.8 and 2.4 metres.


Soil – Your tree needs well-draining soil with a pH range of between 6.5 and 8.


Use potting soil if you’re growing your tree in a container. To grow it in the ground, you could simply use the soil of your garden or a mixture of compost and potting soil. Our volcanic rock dust is great for keeping your soil in optimal condition for your banana tree.


Watering – Keep the soil around your banana tree moist and ensure that the roots do not dry out.


Pruning – To keep your tree in tip-top shape, remove any damaged or worn leaves to stimulate the growth of new leaves.


Pests – The Grand Nain is resistant to most diseases. Keep an eye on your tree and look for small black bugs, aphids and spider mite webs.  Treat any of these with an organic pesticide.


Harvesting – From the time that the flowers appear to the time when the fruit is mature is usually 75 to 80 days. They are ready to pick when the fruit on the upper section is changing from green to a light-green/yellow colour. The fruit will also have begun to plump up. Remember that bananas can be used at various stages too – even green bananas.

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