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  • Granadilla Plant Small


    These woody climbers produce really delicious fruits that add a characteristic crunch and tang to sweet and savoury dishes. They are also known as passion fruit and are popular for juices, desserts, salads, or just freshly plucked from the plant.


    The granadilla flower is extremely unusual and distinct, with a lot of exquisite detail. Granadillas, which are technically berries, are usually dark-purple on the outside but there are also varieties that have a beautiful yellow skin. Inside, there is orange-coloured juicy pulp that is attached to about 250 black, edible seeds.


    Granadillas have carbohydrates, fibre, iron, phosphorous, and vitamins B and C. They are believed to ease stress and anxiety and to improve sleep. They also contribute to heart health, gut health and good eyesight.

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    Granadilla Plant Small

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