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  • Strawberry Plants Giant


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    The giant strawberry has all of the sweet, juicy goodness of regular-sized strawberries, just more of it! This delicious variety, the Senga Gigana, is easy to grow and exceptionally rewarding when you harvest your massive red berries. Each giant strawberry is about the size of a chicken egg, with a diameter of around 5 centimetres. They get pretty white flowers.

    These strawberries are bursting with flavour and nutrients. They have very high amounts of vitamin C, which makes them excellent for boosting the immune system and fighting the signs of ageing. They have vitamin B, manganese, potassium, and antioxidants too. Giant strawberries are so versatile. They can be enjoyed fresh, tossed into yoghurt or smoothies, slathered in cream or ice-cream, added to fresh salads, or turned into jam. They attract birds to your garden, as they love snacking on these sweet treats.

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    Strawberry Plants Giant

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