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Neem Oil Ingredients and Information

We use neem oil as a biological insecticide and fungicide. The use is on plants.

CAL DPR and NOP approved. And the product does have a “L” registration under biological insecticides and fungicides with The Department of Agriculture. (There is NO withholding period.)


Neem Oil has been registered on over 600 pests and fungi throughout the world. It also prevents secondary infections and harmful bacteria.

~  It enhances the effectiveness of other insecticides in an IPM.

~  The environmental load is reduced.

~  It is an Unadulterated Cold Pressed Oil that is totally Natural, Non-Toxic, 100% Biodegradable & Environmentally Friendly.

~  As Neem Oil has over 200 natural active liminoids, developing resistance to it is impossible.

~  Plants absorb the actives and become stronger & more resistant to pests as it is systemic and a translaminar.

~  It is a broad-spectrum product that works on numerous pests & fungi. Worldwide it has proved to be effective on over 600 pests.

~  As it is an oil, it can also be used as a fungicide.

~  Neem Oil does not destroy predators that are beneficial to the plant.

~  Neem Oil promotes inter pollination of plants as it is harmless to Honey Bees, Mammals, Fish, Birds & other vertebrates.

~  Neem Oil is beneficial for the soil and earthworm development.

~  Neem has been used extensively to revitalize & restore nutrients in the soil.

~  It is effective against nematodes & other harmful organisms that live in soil and can be used as a soil drench.


The neem oil supplies the following:




Biological Insecticide / Biologiese Insekdoder

(azadirachtin 3000 ppm) / (azadirachtin 3000 dpm)


Anti-feedant, Insect Repellent, Insect Growth Regulator

Anti-voeding, Insek Afweermiddel, Insek Groeireguleerder


Cold Pressed Neem Oil*


Koud Geperste Neem Olie*


Other Ingredients


Ander bestanddele


Total 100.0% Totaal 100.0%

*Contains Azadirachrin


*Bevat Azadirachtin


We use neem oil at 0.5%         1:200

We add emulsifier at 0.1%     1:1000




NEEM OIL (azadirachtin 3000 ppm) is pure neem oil and requires a surfactant, such as organic soap, dish washing fluid, for dilution with water. NOTE : NEEM OIL (azadirachtin 3000 ppm) must be diluted with water and a surfactant in order to form a sprayable emulsion.


Use a concentration of 0,5% (1 part NEEM OIL (azadirachtin 3000 ppm) to approximately 200 parts of water)

In simple terms: 1 teaspoon neem oil to 1 litre of water, and a squirt of dishwasher.


Only for aerial spraying applications, the concentration of NEEM OIL (azadirachtin 3000 ppm) can be increased to 1% (1 parts of NEEM OIL (azadirachtin 3000 ppm) to approximately 100 parts of water). Do not use a concentration above 1% NEEM OIL (azadirachtin 3000 ppm).

Do not attempt application without adding adequate quantity of surfactant as improper emulsification will result in phytotoxicity.


1) Add the surfactant, such as organic soap, to NEEM OIL (azadirachtin 3000 ppm), mix well.


2) Add mixture to tank, then add water and stir. (Do not add mixture to water, add water to mixture)


The ratio of surfactant to NEEM OIL (azadirachtin 3000 ppm) must be in ratio 1:5. For every ℓ of NEEM OIL (azadirachtin 3000 ppm), use at least 200 mℓ of surfactant. Then add water to the spray tank with continuous agitation. Use warm water if ambient temperature is below 15°C.


Applying the product immediately after preparation assures that it is in suspension. To prevent separation of the emulsion, mix thoroughly and continue agitation while spraying. Non-uniform mixing can cause crop injury or result in lowered effectiveness.


For tank mixtures add components to the tank containing the NEEM OIL (azadirachtin 3000 ppm) spray mixture and agitate thoroughly. If tank mixture is allowed to sit, agitation is necessary prior to application. Adjusting the spray mixture pH between 5,5 and 7 will provide optimal performance. Always use this product promptly after mixing water and do not let tank mix sit for any extended period.

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