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Berries of all different shapes and sizes. The sweetest berry of them all!

Berries are truly wonderful to eat especially when they are fresh. Having your own berries at home is not difficult to grow. Whether you like the puckering taste of the Aronia berry or the sweet juicy texture of the strawberry, there is a flavour that will suit every person.

With so many varieties available it is no wonder everyone is searching for the sweetest berry. But how healthy are berries actually. Berries are loaded with nutrients of which many have impressive health benefits.

Firstly they are loaded with antioxidants which protect your cells from free radical damage.

Berries may also help to improve blood sugar and insulin response.

They also contain fibre as this increases the feeling of fullness, reducing your appetite and the number of calories your body absorbs from mixed meals.

Berries provide many nutrients as they are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals.

Berries may also help to reduce inflammation, decreasing your risk of heart disease and other health problems. The list seems unending as these are just a few points as to why berries are healthy to eat.

If your berries are not already growing in your garden then visit us for some great advice and pick up those berry plants you so love. Remember you can also order online.


When you bite into a blueberry it explodes with juice in your mouth sending your taste buds on a rollercoaster of fun. Many people describe the taste to that of red and green grapes eaten together. That sweet of the red grape followed by the tartness of the green grape. If you have ever eaten a blueberry from the plant then you  know how delicious it is.

Many people are scared to grow these berries themselves, with good reason, as they need very acidic soil. But if you follow our growing instructions together with the soil kits we provide then you can also have fresh blueberries in your garden. Believe me, the taste of fresh berries and fruit from your own garden cannot be compared to any supermarket.

So do not be alarmed when it comes to a blueberry. Just remember to get the correct soils and follow the correct planting instructions. 

Blueberries do have specific fruiting times and will not fruit right through summer. But having different varieties available will certainly give you a good chance of having fruit regularly throughout Spring, Summer right into Autumn.

The early season blueberry will fruit during September and October. This is probably the most exciting variety to have because as soon as the winter is over these berries form and you get to be the first to taste them.

The mid season blueberry will fruit during November and December. So having this with the other season berries will truly increase your berry yield.

The late season blueberry will fruit between January and March/April depending on the weather. This variety reminds you that winter is almost here.

Don’t worry though, because when you have all three varieties then you will have enjoyed some great berries and can certainly look forward to the next Spring and Summer as you berries will go dormant in winter.

Aronia Berry

The aronia berry is a photophillous plant, thus it needs a sunny place to grow with at least 6-8 hours of sun. The aronia berry or chokeberry is high in antioxidants and is well known for its medicinal values.

Don’t be alarmed, but the flavour of the Aronia berry isn’t for everyone. Just like a very good red wine, it’s an acquired taste. As in many cases the astringent flavour can cause your mouth to feel very dry, hence that puckered look when you eat them.

Don’t let that stop you because adding some berries with yoghurt will make a great smoothie. You can even make a healthy juice with these berries. This is a remarkable berry, filled with healthy nutrition.


Succulent, soft and juicy is about the best way to describe biting into the blackberries. They seem almost black, a deep blue colour berry.

Picking them from your garden will be more tasty than buying from your grocer. Once they are picked, they no longer get sweeter thus picking them directly from the plant gives you the best taste.

But why do all the seeds get stuck in your teeth? Technically it is not a berry but an aggregate fruit. Thus it is composed out of many small fruits, each containing one pit. Resulting in the seeds getting stuck into your teeth.

Nonetheless they are totally worth it.

Red Raspberries

The riper red raspberries are the sweeter they taste. They do have some tartness in them but less than that of the blackberry.

When biting into the raspberry they are soft and quite juicy, especially when very ripe. As they melt in your mouth the sweetness takes over with just a bit of tartness

This is truly a great berry to pick from your garden. As they grow well they will eventually make new plants from the roots making your berry patch even bigger over time.

Black Raspberries

When it comes to looks, this berry stands out from the rest. Bright green stems filled with green leaves as it starts off, but as soon as it gets to a certain height the main stem turns white.

It looks as though someone came in at night and painted the stem white. The fruit is slightly smaller in comparison to the the red raspberry and the black raspberry turns a dark black purple when ripe.

The flavour of the black raspberry has been described as unique and different to any other fruit. It is different to that of the blackberry with a much sweeter taste.

When you bite into the ripe berry it has a soft skin with a very sweet flavour that does not overwhelm your taste buds.


How sweet are different fruits in comparison?

Not all fruits have the same sugar content but they all do have their health benefits. Herewith the sugar content rated in teaspoons for different fruits as done per cup of raw fruit.

  • Grapes = 5.75 teaspoons
  • Orange = 4.25 teaspoons
  • Grapefruit = 4 teaspoons
  • Pineapple = 4 teaspoons
  • Blueberry = 3.75 teaspoons
  • Apple = 3.25 teaspoons
  • Lemon = 1.25 teaspoons
  • Cranberries = 1 teaspoon


Many people think cranberries grow in water, which is probably why people do not buy these berries so often. This is not the case as you can certainly grow these berries in your own garden.

The cranberry tartness has an invigorating taste which is due to the low sugar content.

Just like a lemon, the cranberry is thus very versatile and can be added to many different recipes.

Goji Berry

You may have been eating these berries without knowing. Chances are good that there may have been some goji berries in your muesli.

Growing the plant in your garden will produce cherry tomato like fruit which are very juicy. Do not get confused by their appearance as the taste may not be as you expect.

The berries eaten fresh have a bitter taste, whereas the dried variety is a bit more palatable. Being dried it has a slightly bitter taste, somewhat tarty with a sweet aftertaste.

Just like having a good wine collection, these berry plants will certainly add well deserved appeal to your garden.

Cape Gooseberry

I remember the first time eating a fresh gooseberry from the garden. It reminded me of opening a lucky packet and getting the surprise inside.

Well, that surprise was truly tasty. What a distinct taste. When biting into a gooseberry the juice explodes in your mouth giving off a sweet tart flavour sensation.

Many people describe the taste of being reminiscent to that of a cherry tomato, with tangy notes of pineapple, mango, vanilla and strawberry. It is no wonder my kids get to the fruit before I can.

English Gooseberry

This is the true gooseberry which are often referred to as sour grapes. They are almost savoury with a sharpness that may remind you of lemons. But they do have that subtle undertone of sweetness.

The texture of the gooseberry is similar to that of a cherry tomato. When biting into the skin it is soft, pulpy and juicy, as the seeds of the gooseberry gives you that crunchiness.

Again this may be an acquired taste as the tartness is not for everyone. But there are many exciting ways to enjoy this berry, like Amla; a spicy and sweet Indian gooseberry chutney.


Most people consider the taste of elderberries to be bland, bitter and astringent. When eaten fresh, they are very aromatic and sweet with a slightly bitter taste.

Nonetheless these are one of the most nutritious and delicious berries.

Because they are not extremely sweet they can be blended with sweeter and tart like fruits

The looks of the plant is also very intriguing as it forms beautiful white flowers in clusters before the berries are ready.


These are the berries to have in your garden. They are much sweeter and more succulent than other blackberry varieties.

Waiting for the berries to be fully ripe will reward you with some delicious flavourful berries. Biting into the delicate texture will release sweet bursting juiciness into your mouth.

The fruit taste best when it has lost its redness and has no red glow when lit from behind.


Having strawberries readily available is absolutely great. These are one of the easiest berries to grow but you may have to share them with the birds in your garden.

I remember watching the strawberries grow after the flowers were formed. Starting off green and slowly turning into a pinkish colour. Knowing that they should be ready the next day, I could not wait to pick them in the morning.

Needless to say, the birds got to it before me. That is where I learned my lesson and now my strawberry patch is covered with a net. This allows the strawberries to be watered daily and get sufficient sun but stops the birds from destroying my crop.

Picking a strawberries daily is so rewarding. When biting into the soft texture it seems to release just the perfect amount of juice that makes you want more. Sweet and succulent like no other berry can provide.

Any gardener should at least try to grow some strawberries.

You don’t need green fingers to grow your own berries, although it may look like it in some cases. If you keep trying and follow the basic steps you will also be able to grow berries in your garden.

If you enjoy the tartness or prefer the sweetness, there is most certainly a berry plant that will suit you. The key to a good yield of berries is lots of sun and water. The rest will follow and you can pick the sweetest and best berries straight from your garden.

If berries are not your style then we still have lots of other fruit trees you will enjoy in your garden.

We have just received the following unusual additions to our nursery!

Shaddock Pomelo

If you are looking for a different citrus tree then the Shaddock pomelo will certainly appeal to you.

African shaddock pomelos are low in acidity and have a sweet tart flavour.

The skin is a yellow-green to yellow colour with a soft textured pith. The flesh is a rose colour, juicy and fragrant.

Tambor Naartjie

The Tambor originated from a natural hybrid found in Jamaica. The size of the fruit is medium with a slightly flattened end often forming a small navel.

The flesh is extremely juicy and has a high sugar content. If you enjoy the taste of a naartjie then this is most certainly the one to add to your collection.

Bahianina Navel

I must admit, just saying the name of this fruit tree got my tongue twisted, which has awakened the childish intrigue in me.

The Bahianina navel is a sweet seedless orange with a rich, juicy flavour. Because it is a navel it is easy to peel therefore great to eat as a snack.

Whether it is something sweet or a more distinct tarty flavour, there is a berry for every occasion. Come have a look at the new additions as they will certainly appeal to everyone’s taste.

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