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Malabar Chestnut Tree

Pachira aquatica

The Malabar Chestnut tree is an evergreen tree that thrives in sub-tropical conditions. These trees can grow to over 18 mts tall but can be used for bonsai.

Malabar chestnuts grow in a football-shaped pod. These pods have rough skin with an average diameter between 5 and 7cms and a length of between 10 and 30cms. They transform from green to dark brown when ripe. The pods contain several light brown seeds with faint white stripes.

The seeds grow to a diameter of up to 2cms, are tightly packed in rows of five, and are protected with a soft, spongy off-white material. As these seeds mature, they swell the pods, which eventually burst open, allowing them to fall to the ground.

Raw seeds taste similar to peanuts. When cooked, they become crunchy with a macadamia-like flavour that is sweet and nutty.

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Position – The Malabar chestnut tree requires bright light but not direct sunlight. It will tolerate partial shade with temperatures of between 12 and 25°C. This tree thrives both in potting soil and in a hydroponic system.

Size – Chestnut trees can grow to a height of 7 mts with a spread of 3 mts. They are popularly grown as bonsai trees.

Soil – Chestnut trees grow well in typical potting soil, requiring sandy, loamy soil with good drainage. They thrive in acidic soil with a pH of between 4.5 and 6.5.

Mulch – Mulching is essential to preserve moisture in the soil. Mulching also prevents competitive weeds—mulch with crushed, dry leaves or acid compost.

Harvesting – Chestnuts are one of the most accessible nuts to harvest. Wait for the chestnuts to fall to the ground. Gather the nuts with open burrs and remove the nuts from the burrs. Store the chestnuts in airtight containers and enjoy.

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