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Bayleaf Tree

Laurus nobilis

The bay leaf tree is an evergreen upright tree that can grow to a very large tree. It is frost-hardy but does not enjoy strong winds.

Bay leaf trees do best in full sun. They thrive in the garden but can be grown in a large pot too.

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Planting Information for your Bayleaf Tree:

Position – Bay leaf trees do best in full sun. They thrive in the garden, but can be grown in a large pot too.

Size – This tree reaches a height of up to 8 to 12 meters at maturity. As the wood of a bay leaf tree is fairly pliable, new trees can be trained as a topiary or an attractive ornamental tree.

Soil Type – Use well-composted, well-drained and fertile soil, whether your tree grows in the garden or a pot. They can be productive in soil that is anywhere from very acidic to slightly alkaline.

Mulch – All plants and trees benefit from mulch. Good mulch helps keep the roots moist and protects them from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Mulch also feeds the plant. A mulch of pine bark or pine needles is a great way to lower the pH of the soil and to add organic matter. Please ensure that you don’t allow it to touch the plant’s branches when using mulch on top of the soil. This may cause the branches to rot and get infected, especially the new branches that are 2 years old or younger.

Watering – Initially, water your bay leaf trees regularly. But, once established, you may reduce the watering twice a week. If the weather has been extremely hot, water it a little more often. They do not require much watering in winter – once every 2 weeks is sufficient.

Fertilising – Use an organic fertiliser in spring for the best results.

Pruning is unnecessary unless you want to shape your tree for topiary or ornamental purposes.

Harvesting – Pick your fresh bay leaves any time.

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