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Wholesale Berry & Fruit Tree Seedlings

Berry & Fruit Tree Seedlings in 2022

We welcome you to tell us what you would like and we can get back to you with a quote in January 2022.

We have ready over 150,000 Blueberry plugs/seedlings and they will be at a very competitive price. These are grown from tissue culture, also called micropropagation.

You may be asking – what advantages does growing from tissue culture bring??

  1. Plants grown from Tissue Culture are identical to the parent plant.
  2. When you receive a seedling from us your plants are disease and fungus free. They are being propagated in a sterile laboratory.
  3. This is not Genetic Modification, we are using cloning which makes an identical genetic copy of a parent plant.
  4. It is just another way to propagate plants like air layering, cuttings etc. but receiving a healthy plant without disease or fungus that is exactly like the mother plant.  It works with small pieces of plants, called explants. These are grown in vitro using sterile agar jelly (a gel made from algae, which provides an ideal growth medium) which contains plant hormones and nutrients. This makes tissue culture more expensive and difficult to do than taking cuttings.
  5. Tissue culture means choosing cells from an incredible fruiting plant, so that our new plants replicate this. The root system is extraordinary and you will receive a plant that will grow and fruit well.
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