These are the White Genoa Figs we sell. They are huge trees around 2 metres tall and ready to fruit.

White Genoa Fig Tree is an excellent variety. They can be grown in cool coastal areas, but not recommended for very hot or humid climates. They are strong and vigorous growers once established.

Genoa Fig trees are quite hardy and can withstand temperatures below zero. You cannot see the flowers as they are inside the fruit. Cover with shadecloth to protect from the birds as they love figs.

The figs turn yellow when ripe, The texture and flavour of this particular variety is one of the favourites for fresh eating.

Fig trees do not need to be watered during the summer months when they start to flower and fruit. They have shallow roots and the Genoa fig can bear fruit twice in a season, early summer and late summer. The early fruiting may not be very tasty as these grow on the old wood, even the birds leave these alone, the later fruiting grows on new growth and these are delicious. Not all fig trees are like this but the Genoa definitely are.