Vertical Organic Farming 

Urban farms are the future

What is Vertical Farming?

As its name implies, vertical farming means growing fresh vegetables and herbs in pockets on stacked levels. This means that you can cultivate loads of plants using a very small floor or ground area. So, even with limited space, you can grow enough to support and supply local shops and communities.

Our Vertical Farming Solution

Our vertical farming solution equips you to start your own business with no huge start-up costs and to grow your own organic crops, even in limited space. This is the ideal urban solution to growing vegetables, herbs and strawberries without using much space. Vertical farming is the way forward for small businesses to offer impressive quantities of excellent produce.

The Pros of our Vertical Farming System

  • The return on investment is incredible. Conventional farming just can’t compete.
  • You don’t need to be an agricultural, gardening or farming expert – you will learn along the way (while you continue to earn money from your crops). We offer hands-on support through the process so that you are amply equipped to handle this business.
  • We supply the correct organic soil mix, assuring you of the best possible start for the healthiest plants. Large farms aren’t able to afford enormous quantities of soil of this quality.
  • These farms are environmentally friendly – they cut the carbon footprint enormously.
  • Your vertical farm can be expanded to cater to increasing demand and to fit into the space you have available over time. So, you can start small and grow your business.
  • Because so little water is required, there isn’t excessive use, any waste, or any water pollution to nearby rivers or soil, caused by pesticides.
  • Vertical farming is ideal even when land and living conditions aren’t. It doesn’t depend on your having fertile, healthy ground or a massive area. It works in all conditions.
  • This is the future of farming as cities expand and take over areas that were once dedicated to massive farms. Start small and let your farm grow with your confidence.
  • Your produce has the advantage of being ultimately local and fresh for those that want to buy the best organic goods.
  • You will provide vegetables and herbs at very competitive prices because you cut down on the space and transport required for the freshest fresh produce.
  • Vertical farming produces up to 17 times more than conventional farming of the same area It allows you to plant about 115 000 plants per acre.
  • You can have your vertical garden right in the heart of the city, so your customers don’t rely on farms that are far away in the countryside. This also makes farming accessible for those that can’t afford to buy land outside the city.
  • You can keep your plants protected from extreme weather conditions and pest control is much easier for vertical farming.
  • Retail chains are likely to support local initiatives that can guarantee excellent quality and can promise a continual, predictable supply.

Start Your Vertical Organic Farm Today

This vertical organic farming solution is ideal because it launches your small business in one giant, but an affordable, step. Start with a small structure and grow your farm to keep up with your ever-evolving and–expanding business. We will provide all of the information necessary to build your simple structure and assist you throughout the project.

This is the beginning of a farming future that is bright, eco-friendly and lucrative.

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