FOR STARTUPS : We supply the special vertical growing pockets , plus the inserts , plus the direct guidance.

The pockets are sold at R6.00 per pocket i.e. 100 x 6 = R600 .

Our soils which contain Perlite and fertiliser to plant 100 seedlings = R370

100 Seedlings = R100

Fertiliser = R180

TOTAL R1250 for 100 pockets and R840 for 50 pockets

  1. We are always available for questions.

STEP ONE :          Find a sunny wall. You only need 2m of horizontal space to affix a wooden batten. This batten is 2.2m from the floor or ground.

STEP TWO :         You would purchase 100 pockets from us which consist of 10 strips (you can start smaller if you wish)

STEP THREE :      Easily attach your strips onto the batten on the wall. Ie: you have strips which are 20cm wide x 10 strips = 2m (to match your 2m wall batten).

STEP FOUR :        Your 10 strips of pockets are hanging loosely, waiting for the inserts with plants and the correct/recommended soils. (inserts are part of the R6 pocket)

STEP FIVE :          LET NATURE SHOW YOU HOW PLANTS GROW IF YOU WATER THEM. Depending what you are growing , you will have a crop ready to eat within 8 weeks.

Contact Just Berry Plants to start your vertical organic farming business today:


Mobile: 082 307 8241

For those who would like instant gratification to just grow their own vegetables etc, we have a wooden stand which is fully equipped with 50 pockets and plants. Please let us know if you would like more info

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