Blueberries are really easy fruits to grow, they are mostly not affected by insects and disease and therefore little or no spraying is required.

We use organic pesticides only if required, and have found the most useful for many problems is a Neem oil solution.

Blueberries are a medium size shrub and do not need much space. They grow well in the ground or in a container of about 50cm x 50cm x 50cm in size

In Autumn some varieties leaves turn a beautiful reddish colour (as per picture above) and are quite a spectacle in the garden. They will then lose their leaves in Winter and grow fresh leaves in Spring.

Our Blueberry plants are self fertile which means you only need one to bear fruit, however, they do produce better quality fruit and a larger yield if cross pollinated.

Because Blueberry plants require a very acidic soil it is best to plant other berries and fruits that require acid soil close by, and those that need alkaline soils can rather be planted together in the same area. Most berry plants require acid soil except Goji Berry, Aronia Berry and Sea Buckthorn. These can be planted in your garden with ordinary compost.

Autumn is a good time to plant Blueberries as they will not require much watering once they are settled in their new position, and will grow well when the Spring and Summer rains occur.