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The Tangelo is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. This combination allows for sweet-tart flavoured citrus fruit.

The skin of the Tangelo fruit turns a reddish-orange colour when mature and ready to eat. They are easy to peel and very juicy. These fruits are round to slightly bell-shaped, similar in size to a baseball, with an alluring characteristic “nipple” at the end attached to the stem.

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Position – Tangelo trees need full sun and shelter from cold winds. They are sensitive to cold weather and cannot tolerate frost.

Size – Tangelo trees can grow to 9 mts in height. Their spread can range between 4 and 7 mts, so ensure you give plenty of space for the tree to grow.

Soil Type – Tangelo trees enjoy fertile soil with a pH between 6 and 6.5. Using a mixture of good compost/one bag of acid compost and potting soil will give the tree good drainage and plenty of nutrients.

Mulch – Mulching is an excellent method to retain moisture. Spread a layer of mulch under the tree, keeping it away from the trunk of the tree.

Watering – Water frequently especially during spring and summer.

Fertilising – Apply slow-release citrus fertilizer during the harvest season and repeat after the fruiting period. Utilising our slow-release fertiliser is a must for citrus; even though it is called berry fertiliser it is for all plants/trees.

Pruning – Minimal pruning is recommended for better air circulation, which helps keep the citrus tree healthy and disease free.

Harvesting – Tangelos can be picked from September to December. They are evergreen trees that bear heavily and can become very large over time.

Pests & Diseases – Citrus trees are prone to aphids, red spider and powdery mildew. Remove leaves that are bubbly and dispose of  them immediately. We recommend Effective Microorganisms to prevent the spread of these pests and diseases. Hose the tree first, to remove the aphids, and then spray well with EM Control. As they tree grows larger it will be healthy and pests will be a thing of the past.

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