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The Tangelo is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. This combination allows for sweet-tart flavoured citrus fruit.

The skin of the Tangelo fruit turns a reddish-orange colour when mature and ready to eat. They are easy to peel and very juicy. These fruits are round to slightly bell-shaped, similar in size to a baseball, with an alluring characteristic “nipple” at the end attached to the stem.

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Position – Tangelo trees need full sun and shelter from cold winds. They are sensitive to cold weather and cannot tolerate frost.

Size – Tangelo trees can grow to 9 mts in height. Their spread can range between 4 and 7 mts, so ensure you give plenty of space for the tree to grow.

Soil Type – Tangelo trees enjoy fertile soil with a pH between 6 and 6.5. Using a mixture of good compost and potting soil will give the tree good drainage and plenty of nutrients.

Mulch – Mulching is an excellent method to retain moisture. Spread a layer of mulch under the tree, keeping it away from the trunk of the tree.

Watering – Water frequently especially during spring and summer.

Fertilising – Sheep manure is a good fertiliser for citrus trees. Fertilise regularly with citrus food during spring and summer.

Pruning – Minimal pruning is recommended for better air circulation, which helps keep the citrus tree healthy and disease free.

Harvesting – Tangelos can be picked from September to December. They are evergreen trees that bear heavily and can become very large over time.

Pests & Diseases – All citrus plants are prone to aphids, red spider and powdery mildew. At Just Berry Plants we use organic pesticide. Either a Neem Oil solution or Effective Micro-organisms (EM) available in our shop.


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