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Superfrass 15dcm³ bag


Superfrass is a natural high quality organic growth enhancer and pesticide.

Packed with macro-elements (N, P, K) and micro-nutrients (Zn, Cu, etc.), which enable your plants to grow robustly.

Contains Chitin, a natural molecule that helps plants to defend themselves against insects, disease pathogens and predators, such as root feeding nematodes.

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Why is Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) Loaded with Nutrients?

Black soldier fly have enormous appetites and rapidly convert food waste into castings. This means they break down the tough fibers of plant material while releasing the bound nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium locked within. While they consume a large portion of these nutrients as they grow, they also excrete an equal amount into the frass they produce.

Frass’ is a term used to describe the casting (poop) and exoskeletons left behind after insect larvae are removed from a compost pile and is loaded with nutrients.


Dosage for individual seedlings:

Add 2 teaspoons (10grams) Superfrass per hole and then plant your seedling.

Dosage for other plants:


Fruit Trees:

Dig your hole, fill and add 1 x 200 gram bag (root area) before planting. Then backfill and water well.

Established Trees

Sprinkle 400 grams around the base of the tree and water.

2 x 200 gram bags of Superfrass

Re-apply regularly to maintain great plant health


Flower Beds

Sprinkle 200 grams per sqm and water.


150 g per plant


Potted Vegetables or plants

One bag of SuperFrass and water well.

Re-apply regularly to maintain great plant health



Sprinkle 100 -200 grams of SuperFrass per sqm and then water.


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