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Shipping Costs Cape

For your information

Shipping costs out of Gauteng are a bit tricky and therefore we cannot include shipping on our website

To give you an idea of costs to the Cape.

1-3 Berry Plants R300-R350 Depending on the height of plants and size of the bags

We can fit 6 berry plants per box, no soils included, except rock dust or fertiliser. Cost R600 per box

Berry Plants and Tall Fruit Trees mixed. Cost R850 per box of 4-5 plants/trees.

Only 1 large 20lt bag ie Persimmon tree, in a box but we we can add other fruit trees to the box.

Tall fruit trees R850-R900 per box of approximately 4-5 trees, depending on your choice

Plants are watered and drained before going out on delivery. We insert a large plastic bag into the box, pack each plant in a plastic bag.

We use The Courier Guy for these deliveries

If for any reason your plants are damaged in transit, we WILL send you replacements no charge.

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