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Quince tree fruits have a distinct flavour that makes it popular to enjoy stewed and made into jams and marmalade. Quince trees live to a ripe old age. The fruit starts out green with fine hairs on it, but these rub off as it ripens to a yellow, strongly-fragranced treat.

The flesh of the fruit is dense and has a moderate amount of vitamin C and carbohydrates.

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Position – Quince trees should be planted in a spot that benefits from full sun (at least 7 hours a day). Plant it at least 5 metres away from structures and other trees to give it room to spread its roots and canopy.


Size – It can grow anywhere from around 3 to 6 metres tall.


Soil Type – Quince trees will tolerate most soils, acid or alkaline. Mix in a good organic compost before planting for the best results.


Mulch – As with all fruit trees, good organic mulch can be placed thickly around the roots but not up against the stem of the tree to retain the moisture in the soil and prevent too many weeds. Use organic matter like straw, bark, wood chips or grass cuttings.


Watering – New plants require regular watering. After a week or 2, ensure that the soil is always moist, but do not allow it to be waterlogged. In very dry, hot summers, give your quince tree a thorough soaking of about 40 minutes every 3 days.


Fertilising – Fertilise the tree with a low-nitrogen fertiliser in spring. High-nitrogen plant foods encourage lush foliage and new growth at the expense of the fruit.


Pruning – Very little pruning is required for quince trees. In winter, remove dead, diseased or damaged stems. If your tree is looking very untidy, shape it a bit and take out any branches that are creating congestion.


Pests – They are hardy fruit trees but, if any little bugs appear, these can be controlled with regular pruning and an organic mixture. If the leaves get rust on them, an organic copper spray should work well. Just Berry Plants is always happy to advise and assist.


Harvesting – Quince trees produce large pear-shaped fruits that ripen to a beautiful golden colour. The longer they’re left on the tree, the better the flavour and perfume that they develop. Once picked, store them in a cool, dry and dark place on shallow trays.

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