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20L Culemborg Peach Tree


The Culemborg Peach is a White Dessert Peach. These peaches are highly regarded for their exceptional taste. They have a sweet, juicy, and aromatic flavor, often described as a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Culemborg peaches have smooth, firm, tender flesh that melts in your mouth.

Culemborg peaches are large with a round shape. The skin is fuzzy and can vary from yellow to orange with red blushes.

Medium chilling requirement and can do well in warmer climates of SA—harvest end of November.

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Medium chilling requirement and can do well in warmer climates of SA—harvest end of November.


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Position – Choose a sunny location for your peach tree, as they require full sun to produce abundant fruit. Ensure the area is protected from strong winds, as they can damage the tree and its blossoms.

Size – Culemborg Peach trees grow to anything from 4 metres plus tall and wide. Plan the site before planting, keeping the tree away from external walls, electrical lines, and other trees. Plant in a protected area if possible, as strong winds can damage branches and leaves.

Soil Type – Peach trees are not fussy about soil type but prefer slightly acidic soil. Loosen the soil in the area before planting about 1.5mts depth in your normal garden soil, and good drainage is important.

Mulch – Add a thick layer of pine-bark mulch, keeping about 20-30 cms away from the tree trunk. This will keep the soil moist and keep the weeds at bay.

Watering – Adequate watering is essential for establishing and growing Snow White peach trees. Provide deep watering regularly, ensuring that the soil is moist but not waterlogged. During dry periods, increase the frequency of watering.

Pruning – Prune the Snow White peach tree during the dormant season to maintain its shape, promote air circulation, and remove dead or diseased branches. Thinning the branches also helps to reduce the fruit load, ensuring larger and healthier peaches.

Fertilising – Apply a balanced fertiliser formulated for fruit trees in early spring before new growth begins. One 200-gram Bag of Superfrass added to the soil every 4-6 months works well. Talborne Fruit & Flower or nourish liquid are also options. Avoid over-fertilisation, as it can lead to excessive vegetative growth at the expense of fruit production.

Pest and Disease Control – Monitor the tree regularly for common peach tree pests such as aphids, peach tree borers, and fruit flies. Use organic pest control methods; EM Control is a reasonable and efficient option. Implement proper sanitation practices, such as removing fallen leaves and fruit, to reduce the risk of diseases like peach leaf curl or brown rot.

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