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Grape Ronelle


This sweet red grape is large and juicy, with seeds. It has a crisp skin that always gives a satisfying little crunch when these grapes are being enjoyed as a fresh snack. They can also be juiced or dried.

Scroll down for planting information:


Position – This vine is a climber, so support it on a pergola, trellis or sturdy fence to allow it space to grow. It does best in full sun and warm, dry conditions.


Size – Because it is a climber, this vine will generally follow the course and size of the structure on which it grows.


Soil Type – Plant your vine in well-draining soil that is deep enough to allow the roots to grow down a few metres. A neutral to slightly alkaline soil pH is ideal.


Mulch – Ronelle grapes thrive with organic mulch like pine needles, straw or woodchips. This keeps the ground below it moist and staves off weeds.


Watering – This vine needs only a moderate amount of water and is hardy enough to grow in hot, dry conditions. Be careful not to overwater your vine.


Fertilising – The vine tends to be able to absorb the nutrients it needs quite well. However, if your soil is not in good shape, a standard all-round fertiliser applied once a year may be beneficial.


Pruning – Prune your Ronelle vine hard in winter, cutting off all vines that have already produced grapes as well as any that are over two years of age.


Harvesting You will know that your grapes are ready to harvest when they are sweet and juicy.

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