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Grape Early Sweet

The Early Sweet grape is aptly named because it ripens early in the season and has a delightfully sweet taste, with a slightly tangy nuance. It has a Muscat flavour, similar to Hanepoot grapes.

The colour of the flesh is creamy whie and the skin is light-green. It is commonly grown in South Africa as well as in Israel, Morocco, Egypt, Spain and Mexico.

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Position – As with its grapevine relatives, the early sweet vine does well in full sun and dry climates. Your plant should get 6 to 8 hours of direct sunshine a day and should have a strong fence or trellis on which to grow.


Size – The grapevine reaches between 1.2 and 3 metres in height and has a similar spread. So, vines should be planted about 3 metres apart to allow them to spread and grow freely.


Soil Type – Well-draining soil is essential for grapevines because this allows their roots to grow deep down and absorb all of their necessary nutrients from it without its becoming waterlogged. The early sweet vine is no exception. An alkaline pH of between 6.0 and 7.2 is ideal.


Mulch – Organic mulch (like old leaves, pine needles or straw) helps to keep moisture in the soil and to prevent weeds from taking over the ground around your early sweet grapevine.


Watering – This vine does well in dry, hot conditions, so only a little watering is required from time to time. If there is a drought or there’s been a very long stretch without rain, consider watering your vine a little more often. But, be careful not to overwater your early sweet grapes.


Fertilising – Usually, fertilising is not necessary because the vine’s roots are equipped to soak up the nutrients from the ground. However, if your soil isn’t in good shape, consider adding a standard all-round fertiliser to it once a year.


Pruning – Every winter, your vine should be pruned hard, getting rid of all stems that have had grapes on them or that are older than two years. This will result in more and bigger bunches in the years to come.


Harvesting Generally, the longer the grapes are on the vine, the sweeter they’ll become. So, try not to pluck them as soon as they have changed colour. Rather, keep tasting them so that you get them at their sweetest and most delicious.

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