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Evergreen Sun & Shade Lawn Seed


Covers 25m²

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Growing instructions;

Remove any debris and stones. Loosen the soil with a fork, smooth and level.  Scatter the seeds over the area EVENLY.

Cover these seeds carefully with 5 or 6mm (a quarter of an inch) of sand/top soil. To keep the growth uniform, irrigate the area gently – don’t let the water form puddles as this would cause the seed to drift on top and not to germinate evenly. You may also trench and sow, as long as the seed are not planted too deep.


Existing grass – over seeding:

If you have existing lawns or pasture and want to replace them with Quic-Grow , mow the existing grass as low as you can, cover it with 150mm (6inches) of soil and then follow the sowing process above.


Water gently every day for the first 18 days ensuring the ground is always damp (within reason) so the seeds can germinate. Gradually reduce intervals but increase durations to help the roots penetrate the soil and seek ground water. There after you can water as nature asks of you depending on season.

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